Leo Jansen Art from the 70's - Tacoma - PlayBoy Magazine Collection

Leo Jansen Art from the 70's — Tacoma

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Leo Jansen (30 April 1930, The Hague - 20 December 1980) was a Dutch artist
known for his portraits.
Born in Holland, moved to Indonesia when he was ten. There in the tropics, he
began his craft by sketching bronze-skinned Indonesian girls for leisure. He
returned to the Netherlands to study at the Academy of Art, to refine his
growing mastery of the female figures. Like most continental artists, he
gravitated first to Paris and quickly established himself as a portraitist of
considerable talent. In 1962, he arrived in New York. Because of the softness
and light he infused his portraits, he was chosen by several companies to do
commemorative plates. Jansen is, perhaps, best known throughout the United
States and Europe for his mother's day plates and puppies plate series.
Many of the rich and famous (such as Raquel Welch, Willian Holden, Donald
Sutherland, Stephanie Powers, and the LA Times Hearst family. ) sought out
Jansen for his portraiture skills, Jansen's sitting fee in the 1960 was
US$20,000. In addition, he also gained fame for his portraiture of The Beatles
and The Rolling Stones. His Beatles portraits are among the more collectible
memmorabilia by fans. He was in great demand in the Los Angeles galleries, but
sold primarily through Aaron Brothers.
But despite his national reputation as a portrait artist, he refused many of
those demand and resumed his childhood love affair of painting nudes. He then
moved to Southern California. For eighteen years, he was commissioned by Playboy
Magazine to paint the playmate of the month. In his first six years, he was the
artist chosen to paint 58 of the 72 portraits. His works hang in the Hugh
Hefner's Playboy corporate headquarters and in the mansion. Rank among the
nation's best interpretive artist of nudes, Jansen's canvases hang in collection
of a wide range of notables from Jean-Claude Pascal to the late Judy Garland.
He died from an apparent heart attack in 1980 at 50 years of age.